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Jen's Dissertation by Mind Map: Jen's Dissertation
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Jen's Dissertation

Proposed Dissertation Title

Building a Multimedia Journalism Curriculum for the 21st Century

Purpose of Study

Why is the topic so important to me?

Statement of problem to be investigated

Research Questions

Research design?

Qualitative? Quantitative? Grounded Theory? Mixed study?

Business Proposal

My dissertation research will be targeted at confirming that the need for this service exists and planning a curriculum that would become J-School Online and J-School Newswire.





Needs, Funding & Revenue


Sample size and method of research

Dependent Variable(s)

Independent Variable(s)


Yolanda Gayol-Chair

Rena Palloff-Research?

Sheila Gregory-Research?

Katy Culver-Outside Reader

Janis Overlock-Student Reader

How is each variable defined?

How will each variable be measured?

Three recent citations for each dependent and independent variable

How will my study differ from that previous work?