Interview with #102 VP Student Association

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Interview with #102 VP Student Association by Mind Map: Interview with #102 VP Student Association

1. serendipity

1.1. before coming to university he wanted all opportunities

1.2. Start

1.2.1. Old guy asked his class Decision 1

2. Role

2.1. at first

2.1.1. promoting society

2.1.2. recruiting 150 members on O'day realised students' hunger for it

2.2. currently

2.2.1. VP no training

3. Team

3.1. inherited non motivated team

3.2. decided to create a new one

3.2.1. should have made that decision earlier

3.2.2. Decision 2

3.2.3. criteria motivation ideas what to do differently attitude

3.2.4. organised in sub teams and committees with most motivated at the top (3)

4. Funding

4.1. Faculty

4.1.1. need to build case for it

4.2. Student Union

4.3. Sponshorship

4.3.1. corporations

5. Mentoring

5.1. non existent

6. Favourite entrepreneur

6.1. BUsiness society:

6.1.1. his President, Anthony droped KPMG for his passion now working at AAPT in marketing in charge of the Founder Institute

7. Passion

7.1. Still trying to figure it out

7.2. skip classes to work on Business Society

8. Work experience

8.1. 1 Internship for a construction company

9. What would he change:

9.1. only to change his team early

9.2. happy with the way he did it

10. Back to Summary

11. "To do something different"

11.1. yes

12. Attributes

12.1. Need for control

12.1.1. Delegation issue re: lack of competence some staff have lack of confidence

12.2. Business Savvy

12.2.1. he needs to be