001- Introducing learnbuildsell.com

Let me introduce you to my new project: Learn Build Sell I’ll learn, build and sell in public as I start new internet businesses. I’ll do experiments with all the costs and show you the results for free.

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001- Introducing learnbuildsell.com by Mind Map: 001- Introducing learnbuildsell.com

1. Fundamentals

1.1. Experimental

1.2. Digital-first with no code

1.3. Transparent

1.4. Project-based

2. Short History

2.1. Selling physical products since 2018.

2.2. Sold over 8.000 products.

2.3. Suffered from disadvantages of physical products.

3. Digital Product Business

3.1. Produce digitally at a low cost.

3.2. Transfer easily.

3.3. Never sold out.

3.4. Refund without losing money.

3.5. Update the product flexibly.

3.6. Stable cash flow.

3.7. Scale infinitely.