Social Studies Technology Integration Plan

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Social Studies Technology Integration Plan by Mind Map: Social Studies Technology Integration Plan

1. Problem: Students in Social Studies class experience more passive learning than active learning; this leads to lack of student motivation.

2. Solution: Students will participate in more simulations that are supported by technology in order to learn about Social Studies.

2.1. Example Lesson: A simulation of a mock U.S. Congress where students will write, debate, and attempt to vote on Bills. This will correspond with C3 standard SS.CV.2.6-8.MdC: Explain the origins, functions, and structure of government with reference to the U.S. Constitution, Illinois Constitution and other systems of government.

2.1.1. How It Will Work: Step 1: Students will be assigned bill groups that they will work with to draft their bill. They will then be given time to conduct research about current events happening in the United States in order to get ideas about potentional bills. Using NewsELA current events,, and any other news sites/organizations they can utilzie, they will begin creating a group list in a Google doc of potential topics for bills. Step 2: Students will agree upon a topic from their list to be the focus of their bill. The students will then begin crafting an a bill outline in Mindmeister that contains the different parts of their bill and what it will accomplish.