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Money order for students by Mind Map: Money order for students
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Money order for students


Name: Hani Tashkandi, Anna Mae Townsend ELI Admissions Office, They need payment, $250, ask them how much they want to finish the student and send his I-20 ASAP

We already sent his applications, The student also paid $50 for FedEx from School to Saudi Arabia

Name: Waleed alzahrani

Need, Need payment for the application, Remember to include the $35 application fee (bank draft) with your submitted forms. Please make the bank draft payable to "Southern Arkansas University." Application materials can be mailed to addresses listed below: Mailing Address: SAU International Office P.O. Box 9224 Magnolia, AR 71754-9224 Courier Shipping Address: SAU International Office 100 East University, Nelson 220 Magnolia, AR 71753, Claudia Lyons, Director of International Student Services (870) 235-4082, Payment for the English Langague Center, He need I-20, Full Acceptance, Payment for the International Undergradaute, He only needs, Conditional Acceptance Letter, They call it:, Provisional Admission, It is only a letter

Student: Zeyad Kamal

Student ID:, Student ID: 3601486

Needs, Payment for, New node

University:, University of Pittsburgh, He only needs payment for, Undergradaute, He has already received his I-20 from the English Language Center at the same university

Master card to charge

last digits


Name, Ahmed Alghamdi


Contact the university to be sure how to send the money order

New node

Make money order

Send it to their address

Update us regarding status of payment

You can type anything here


We are happy to see you here

We will share another map with you

Sanadat Company, They need contract with you

Wanted Cars

Shipping Quote

Victoria Secrts

Small products

Students services