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Mind Mapping Uses & Applications by Mind Map: Mind Mapping Uses &
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Mind Mapping Uses & Applications



Teaching, Lecture notes, Prepare lectures, Share lecture notes, In class, Collaboration with students, Class timetable, Assign projects or papers, Extend learning time, Link home and school activities

Organization, Plan the course structure, Create the structure of an exam, Continuous assessment, Manage students


Assignments, Writing essays, Writing a thesis, Individual projects, Group projects

Studying, Taking notes, Complex topics, Exam preparation

Business Activities

Planning & strategy

Business Plan, Vision, Strategies, Market analyses, SWOT analyses, Roles and responsibilities, Milestones, Financial

Project Management, Task Management, Online Collaboration, Manage supply chain

Budget planning, Cash flow, Income, Expenses

Product launch, Location, Timing, Media


Meeting management, Group brainstorming, Map entire meeting, Online collaboration

Employee management, Contact details, Duties and responsibilities, Holiday scheduling

Department management, Manage teams

Structuring & Organizing data

Comparing and analyzing, Decision Making, Problem solving, Presentation

Managing lists, Employees, Customers, Compeititors, Industry technology

Organizing complex information, More manageable sections, Present in easier terms

Website & Content Management

Mind maps are a great way to collect and structure information for writing articles, blog posts, ideas for Facebook, Twitter etc.

Brainstorm ideas for creating content

Schedule content

Blog management

Social media

Track SEO activities


Retain Information

If you want to make sure you don't forget or loose important information, just write it down in a map.

Book and Media Summaries

Keep track of your plans

Taking Notes

Keep track of things you like, List of places around the world that you would like to visit, List of favourite books

Keep track of your Ideas

Managind to-do lists

Content Creation

Mind Mapping can help you when creating content. Using mind maps you will be able to organize you thoughts and prioritize the ideas much easier.

Wiring an article

A new post for your blog

Writing a CV

Important Letters, Letter of application, Letter to a public institution, Any other complex letter


Mind Mapping can be a great time-saver when you want to plan something.

Personal Projects

Personal Study


Planning your budget & spendings

Important Events


Problem Solving

Solving problems is not always an easy process, so

Problem solving using George Polya's strategy, Understand the problem, Devise a plan, Carry out the plan, Review/extend

Problem solving using the IDEAL strategy, identify problems & opportunities, define alternative goals, explore possible strategies, anticipate and act, look and learn

Structuring & Organizing

Mind Maps allows you to Structure and Organize information more efficient. It allows you to create complex structures that are much similar to our thinking process than any linear note taking method.

Personal Brainstorming, New idea for my job, Brainstorming with friends on,.....?

Organizing complex information

Managing Lists, Favourite Movie Lists, Lists of books, books I've read, books I want to read, books I enjoyed, Favourite Quote Lists, Creating favourite lists, Specific Contact Lists, Lists of favourite food Recipes, A list of your Favourite Places

Training and Education, keep track of the things you want to learn, make sure to not forget about the trainings you want to follow

Life management

Did you ever forgot goals, or lost a to-do list? This doesn't need to happen again. Your maps are stored save on our secure server and you can access them from everywhere.

Keep track of your goals

Record important data

Keep track of the things you like to do

Collaboration & Sharing


Collaborate with family to manage big shopping lists

Collaborate with friends to plan a holiday

Collaborate with the whole world to create wiki maps

Collaborate with the public summaries of your writings

Use it to plan family budget


Collaborate with colleagues to support your the planning & strategy of a project

Share mind maps with employee contact details

Collaborate on analysing and find solutions together

Offer structured information about your company to the public


Collaborate with students to keep them informed about a Lecture

Collaborate with the class to brainsorm on different topics

Collaborate with colleagues on different projects

Share the structure of a course or program

Share summaries of your papers or publications

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