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Professional Learning Network by Mind Map: Professional Learning
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Professional Learning Network

Art asssociations

The Western Australian art association

This association fosters the development of art in Western Australia


Teaching EFL has given m an intimate knowledge of the English grammar and writing skills. This is highly transferable to the field of literacy.

this site outlines the importance of literacy to teaching creative arts

IT and Teaching

ICT can be used to enhance learning in a number of ways. In the final year if my MA program the applications of information Technology became a special area of interest. In particular the use of m-learning devices within the classroom.


This site provides background and links on a range of it related topics.

This is a resource for iPad uses in the classroom

A research institute recording how technology is influencing society

This site collates a variety of ideas for mobile learning

Another site for mobile learning theory and ideas

Here are some ICT ESL specific resources

Staff from Curtin University share their good ideas for M-learning here

Administrative resources



Teaching resources

To see the actual creations I describe attached to the PLN sites please go to my ICT in schools wiki page

This site allows EFL students to analyse a text and find out which words they use the most

TTimelines can be constructed on this website

Practical resources here are useful. I have used the traffic light slide show

I have made polls and forums on this site to embed in my own website

I created a read aloud literacy aid with this site

I publish my lesson plans to create a flip book on this site

On this site I created an on-line Jeopardy game

I set my students an assignment using an animated image on this site

I published some slides demonstrating a drawing learning intervintion on thhis site

I used this site to show the process of painting the tango club mural

I made a QR code to my own web page with this site

I made a word sort based on the Academic wordlist here

ICT and security

Resources to prevent cyber bullying

Formal Studies

Teaching and learning with ICTs

Influential figures

I have attended a couple of lectures by Nicky Hockly on digital literacy. The e-consultants site also has some great lesson ideas

English as a Foreign Language

My teaching career began with a CELTA qualification. I have over 5 years experience as an EFL teacher in a range of settings including several multinational businesses and Curtin University. EFL remains my strongest area of teaching expertise though I did not take it as a major.


English Teachers Association of Switzerland(ETAS), Conference

English Atstralia (EA), Conferences


Switzerland, Access Langauge School, Sempach, Supercom Languges and Communication, Zurich, Hull's School, Zurich, Castles English Institute

Australia, Kaplan, Perth, Curtin English language Centre (CELC) Perth

Resource Links

Theory, This is the best on-line guide to grammar and punctuation I've come across

Lessons, Games, Upper intermediate level grammar and vocabulary games You will find some fun vocabulary and grammar games to play here.,, Reference,, Ready to go lesson plans,,,,

Skills, Pronunciation, Watch, listen and practice activities, This allows the user to transcribe words into phonetic script, With this page the user can type out phonetic script, Interactive phonetic chart, Grammar,, On-line grammar activities, Vocabulary, Academic word list, Listening, Voice of America puts contemporary news topics in language that is not difficult for English learners to understand. Try watching or listening and taking notes., Speaking

IT  English links, Video links,,,, Resources to design your own games, Teaching and learning with technology

English For Special Purposes, Business english:,,,,,,, Cambridge exams,, This site provides a range of excellent materials to prepare for a Cambridge exam, Academic writing, This is a course on various essential academic writing concepts, Essay writing skills, Essay writing skills

General Resource links, A range of resources listed according to skill, British Council provides a range of quality EFL resources, Global Issues and Activism in ESL


Formal training, Certificate in Advanced Teaching Skills; International House Approved, Cambridge English Languge Teaching CELTA. More information about this training is accessed via the attached link

Additional professional development


Formal research, I used survey monkey to collect data on-line from research participants

Influential Figugres

These materials, mostly designed by Mark Fletcher, are highly visual and fun

Graham Workman was my trainer for the Advanced Certificate in Teaching Skills. A lot of useful tips and resources can be found here

Visual Art

My original undergraduate degree and the major of my MA in Teaching at UWA is in Visual Art. I have creativity and intuitive expertise in this area to which I apply my knowledge of teaching and learning strategies.

Community Art Projects

I have run private watercolour courses at Loftus community art centre

I participated in this exhibition while living in Fremantle

Community art classes

I ran a couple of watercolour courses from this venue

Influential figures

Here is a group of artists I admire

Robert Wade introduced me to the basic skills of Watercolour painting several years ago

Ian DeSouza is a well known western Australian artist whose life drawing groups I attended regularly for a year

Tis artist really pushes the bourndaries of wwatercolour. I attended one of his workshops in Melbourne some years ago

Tony Smibert achieves some facinating modern effects with the traditional medium of watercolour

I adore the femininity and symbolism in Amy's drawing

the American Watercolour association advocates the work of top practicing watercolourists of our time

The concept of negative space in watercolour paniting which I use in several work has been well explined by Linda Kemp

Emil Nolde is a German expressionist who broke with the tight traditions of watercolour painting

Formal studies

I studied a Bachelor of Fine Art at Monash University

Studying Art Therapy has also contributed to my skill and sensitivity as an art educator

resource links

Theory, A useful site to research Australian art history, Composition and design principles are explained here, this National gallery of Victoria site has a great resources page. This one is on Australian Landscape painting, Here is a large bank of art related essays, this site is devoted to literacy in art education

Lessons, Art association of WA lesson ideas links, This site contains a range of further links to good lesson resources, Art education Victoria provides these reources to draw upon

Special Needs Education

Prior to becoming qualified as a Special Ed. teacher, I was employed as a Disability Support Worker for approximately 5 years. in this time I specialised in recreational programs with a focus on disability arts.  I have worked with people with a range of mental, physical, intellectual and learning disabilities. Through this employment I developed an interest in maximising independence for students with disabilities and providing them with opportunities for creative expression.

Work Experience

Employers, Though the 'Arts Education' program has now moved I was employ byNorth Melbourne Institute of Technology, For this group I worked on Art Day South and West as well as a music program for the mentally ill, For Yooralla I provided community access

Voluntary, In this school I assisted the visual art teacher for several days in 2011

Formal Studies

UWA Special Education Minor, please see subject descriptions attached outlining the outcomes of my training in this field, Special Education Curriculum, Learning Difficulties, Previously called 'Behaviour Management' the content is very simlar to this subject 'Understanding and Managing Disorders of Behaviour", Teaching Literacies, Literacies across the curriculum

This unit guide outlines the one year Graduate Diploma in Art Therapy I have undertaken

Influential figures

Ken Glasgow unit co-ordinator of Special Education Curriculum and fountain of knowledge fon this subject

Special Needs and Art Therapy

It is stressed in the wider educational context expertise of the field of art therapy is not necessarily about performing psychotherapy but rather building self esteem and enhancing abilities.

This website outlines the usefulness of art therapy for people with disabilities.

Associations Advocating Disability Awareness

Physical disabilities commision /

Hearing Disabilities

The Autism Association of Western Australia

Resource links

Send on-line (previously known as the centre for inclusive schooling) offers teaching materials and professsional support

This site has links to teaching resource packs for disabled students

Western Australian Institute for Deaf Education

Vision Education Service

General Teaching

  The links in this section are relevant to teaching in general. The content of this part of my PLN is applicable to my three main specialties Visual Art, Special Education and EFL.



These graphic organizers can be used with a range of subjects

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