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Professional Learning Network by Mind Map: Professional Learning Network
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Professional Learning Network

Art asssociations

The Western Australian art association

This association fosters the development of art in Western Australia


Teaching EFL has given m an intimate knowledge of the English grammar and writing skills. This is highly transferable to the field of literacy.

this site outlines the importance of literacy to teaching creative arts

IT and Teaching

ICT can be used to enhance learning in a number of ways. In the final year if my MA program the applications of information Technology became a special area of interest. In particular the use of m-learning devices within the classroom.


Administrative resources

Teaching resources

To see the actual creations I describe attached to the PLN sites please go to my ICT in schools wiki page

ICT and security

Formal Studies

Influential figures

English as a Foreign Language

My teaching career began with a CELTA qualification. I have over 5 years experience as an EFL teacher in a range of settings including several multinational businesses and Curtin University. EFL remains my strongest area of teaching expertise though I did not take it as a major.



Resource Links



Influential Figugres

Visual Art

My original undergraduate degree and the major of my MA in Teaching at UWA is in Visual Art. I have creativity and intuitive expertise in this area to which I apply my knowledge of teaching and learning strategies.

Community Art Projects

Community art classes

Influential figures

Here is a group of artists I admire

Formal studies

resource links

Special Needs Education

Prior to becoming qualified as a Special Ed. teacher, I was employed as a Disability Support Worker for approximately 5 years. in this time I specialised in recreational programs with a focus on disability arts.  I have worked with people with a range of mental, physical, intellectual and learning disabilities. Through this employment I developed an interest in maximising independence for students with disabilities and providing them with opportunities for creative expression.

Work Experience

Formal Studies

Influential figures

Special Needs and Art Therapy

It is stressed in the wider educational context expertise of the field of art therapy is not necessarily about performing psychotherapy but rather building self esteem and enhancing abilities.

Associations Advocating Disability Awareness

Resource links

General Teaching

  The links in this section are relevant to teaching in general. The content of this part of my PLN is applicable to my three main specialties Visual Art, Special Education and EFL.



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