003- Starting the Print on Demand Jewelry Business

Hello again!Let's talk about the first LBS project: Print-on-demand Jewelry.Starting Budget: $2.500 Project Time: 5 months Project Goal: $3.000 monthly in profitI'll reinvest most of the profit during the project time to grow faster.

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003- Starting the Print on Demand Jewelry Business by Mind Map: 003- Starting the Print on Demand Jewelry Business

1. Shineon & POD Jewelry

1.1. Reasons:

1.1.1. Less competitive

1.1.2. The ideal price could be higher than the other options

1.1.3. Easy to start

1.2. Product Types

1.2.1. Necklace

1.2.2. Bangle

1.3. Customization

1.3.1. Colors

1.3.2. Design Elements

1.3.3. Sentimental Phrases

2. What I've done?

2.1. Researched all the print-on-demand product types and costs

2.2. Decided to sell jewelry when utilizing [shineon.com]

2.3. Picked a niche, decided the brand name, bought a domain

2.4. Created a custom storefront

2.5. Learned

2.5.1. Shineon product types and their differences

2.5.2. The unique value proposition is sentimental phrases, not the superior design

3. Print on Demand Business

3.1. You create a design, add it to a virtual product listing and promote. If an order is placed, the manufacturer prints the design to the actual product and sends it to the customer.

3.2. ✅ Advantages: No manufacturing overhead, upfront investment, minimum order quantity, product restrictions, storage & fulfillment.

3.2.1. Easy to make experiments

3.3. ⛔️ Disadvantages: Competitive market Hard to differentiate Fulfillment time may take long

4. Print on Demand Products

4.1. 👕 T-shirts, cups, and hats

4.2. 🥾 Shoes, flip-flops, boots, socks

4.3. 👗 Skirts, dresses, leggings, swimsuits

4.4. 🕰 Clocks, coasters, mats, towels, blankets

4.5. 🐶 Bandana, collar, bowl, and bed for pets

5. Project Details

5.1. Starting Budget: $2.500

5.2. Project Time: 5 months

5.3. Project Goal: $3.000 monthly in profit