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Social Psychological Variables of Genocide by Mind Map: Social Psychological Variables of Genocide
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Social Psychological Variables of Genocide

Cognitive errors/biases

Confirmation bias

Illusory correlations

Belief perserverance

Fundamental attribution error

Ultimate attribution error

Actor - observer effect

Crisis situations



Can motivate genocide leaders

Innate cognitive predispositions

Cognitive miser tendency

Mental shortcuts (heuristics)

Can lead to cognitive errors/biases

'In group bias'

Negative 'out group' view

Positive 'in group' view

Leads to stereotyping and prejudice

Negative attitudes toward 'out group'

Ideology of supremacy

Percieved threat orientation

Cultural factors

Violence acceptable

History of conflict

Aggression as a normative problem solving method

Leadership influence

Can manipulate other variables

Pressure to conform

Enhanced by strong authority figure

Eliminate opposing views

Attitude polarisation

Group formation

'Group think'


Lack of self-awareness

Perception of anonymity

Decreased perception of responsibility

Increased propensity for violence

Media influence

Spread propoganda

Enhance negative attitudes

Spread genocide leaders' messages

Promote cognitive errors/biases