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The Creature by Mind Map: The Creature

1. Victor's Creation

1.1. Unnatural

1.2. No family

1.2.1. no one to care for him and teach him how to live hated by society

2. William's murderer

2.1. 8 feet tall

2.2. Strong

2.2.1. Bare hand murder

2.3. Framed Justine

2.3.1. Intelligent?

3. De Lacey Cottage

3.1. Evesdropping

3.1.1. Learns English thru Safie

3.2. Understand emotions

3.2.1. steals from them helps them get wood for fire, wants to connect with them

3.3. Acceptance

3.3.1. tries to get accepted by blind father Hated by society because of his looks