The Frankenstein

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The Frankenstein by Mind Map: The Frankenstein

1. Misunderstood

1.1. People frightened of his appearance

1.1.1. tries to socialise - rejected

2. Plays the role of Adam

2.1. Learns everything on his own

2.1.1. goes through experiences himself no true parent (victor abandoned him) First of his kind

3. Creation

3.1. Victor plays God

3.1.1. Creates his own form of life

4. Seeks Vengeance

4.1. Against Victor due to abandonment

4.1.1. Kills William

5. Shows signs of Humanity

5.1. Emotions

5.1.1. Sadness upset due to social rejetion

5.1.2. Loneliness no parent, friends, family

5.1.3. Desires wants feminine partner

6. Good or evil?

6.1. has gentle side

6.2. has evil side