Total Film Magazine: 'Inception (2010)'

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Total Film Magazine: 'Inception (2010)' by Mind Map: Total Film Magazine: 'Inception (2010)'

1. Colour Scheme

1.1. The colour scheme for the magazine coveris red, white and grey/silver which is both the same colour scheme for the films poster. This can be seen as a method of synergy to link the two mediums of newspaper/magazine and film together so it can be recognisable by the target audience. The contrast between subtle colours white, grey/silver and the bold red makes everything stand out on the page. Furthermore the silver adds the effect of creating the illusion on the page which relates directly back to the films theme being based on psychological illusions Vs reality. The target audience for this magazine would be males in the years 20's - 40's, the mature dark colour scheme may also be beneficial in attracting it's main audience.

2. Masthead

2.1. The Masthead of the issue is in the usual font that would be used and the recognised font of the magazine. However it has incorporated themes of the main article, being the Inception film review, with several views of buildings which is also featured in the films poster incorporating part of the main image.

3. Pugs

3.1. The Pugs are in an unconventional placing, positioned at the bottom rather at the top in an eye catching position, however this places further emphasis on the title 'Inception' and on the graphics of the magazine. Although with that said, there are some placed above the headline which states 'Tron everything you need to know' which informs the reader that as well as the main article on 'Inception' they have articles on other films that have been recently released.

4. Main Image

4.1. The main image of A-list actor Leonardo DiCaprio appears as it has been taken from the film itself. With the background image conveying around 90% of the cover as well as relating to the main article (the headline feature) if both promotes the film further and is relevent to the issue. The image on the male looks very dark which reflects its genre of a psychological thriller and as he is composed in the centre of the cover it not only shows dominance by signals that he is to be the main character. The main image stands out against the background because of this darkness the black light and deep shadows only add to the feeling of the photo. The background image also relates to the main article with it being some of the buildings that occur in the films itself, with the colours being a very cold blue which adds to the pensive eeriness and confusion of the photograph.

5. Headline

5.1. The headline 'Inception' is the second biggest font visible after the masthead and similar to the main image has been composed in the centre over it. It's light silver metalic stylised font contrast both the background image and main photograph, this technique not only allows the headline to stand out, the difference between light and dark is well balanced creating an asthetically pleasing arrangement fpr the readers.

6. Website

6.1. Below the masthead the web address is featured, this will hopefully encourage readers to visit the webiste for the magazine, where extra features are found - possibly relating to the film aswell.

7. Issue No.

8. Tag Line

8.1. New node

9. Cover Lines / Anchorage Text

9.1. The cover lines for the magazine is 'inside the ultimate head trip' which relates to the film being psychological and thrilling.

9.2. Other anchorage text enlightens the buyer into ewhat else will be inside the magazine other than the article on the film. The other lines of text are mostly similar to the headline feature by using the same stylised fonts and sticking to the restricted colour scheme; relating to the same target audience with an exception of the reference to 'Toy Story 3' and 'Shrek' as the audience ages are considerably lower although the cover conveys them to be high quality films.

10. Bar Code

11. Techniques

11.1. Persuasive techniques have been used in the headline and cover lines to engage the readers and increase thier interest levels in consuming the magazine. Certain phrases such as 'ultimate', 'most' ans 'plus' have been used which create a sense of excitement. Furthermore phraes such as 'mind blowing' which is seen in bold red font gives it emphasis the magazine and gives off the impression of the articles being a worthy read. The language can also be analysed and the use of rhetorical question increases curiousity. There are also visual elements such as the 'plus' and actual sign '+' which creates variation and makes the magazine more visually diverse.