Equilib By humans, for everyone

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Equilib By humans, for everyone by Mind Map: Equilib By humans, for everyone

1. Equilib Comics

1.1. Heroes of Humanity publication + Equilib Official Blog

2. Translators(language and personas)

3. Personalisation built into the demo along with Gamification

4. Default device to access the virtual world

5. Permaculture outdoors/Monocultures inside hydroponics farms

6. Game of Life Frontend(Horizontal Layer)

6.1. Discord Bot

6.2. Platform Agnostic gig economy frontend(leverage Roblox or any other open source system). Always lead with gamification.

6.3. AI gig economy controller(leverage fetch.ai)

6.4. AR support(immediate priority)

7. Equilib.media+community

7.1. Find your circle

7.1.1. Extension of Reddit like platforms

7.2. Selling our products

7.3. Identity Building

8. Equilib.one

8.1. Distributed Identity and authentication(Leverage not build)

8.2. Equilib.me - Distributed profile builder(Leverage not build)

8.3. Equilib Currency

8.4. Partnerships with organisations

8.4.1. Brain+NeuroScience = BCI researchers

8.4.2. Neuro Researchers

8.4.3. CRISPR

8.4.4. Startups

9. Equilib.earth

9.1. Model Sustainable micro community

9.2. Models for transforming local communities into equilib communities

9.3. Equilib.Makers

9.3.1. 3D printed products

9.3.2. Models for really free resources MVP => Self Sustaining Vertical Farm

9.3.3. Opensourcing 3D models for all sort of usecases

10. Keeping the Lights ON

10.1. Heroes of humanity NFT

10.2. IDO along with personalised proposal for the personality understanding platform. A quick MVP of the same mostly driven using content

11. Platform OPS

11.1. Knowledge Library

11.2. Knowledge

11.3. Dot Connecting Tool

12. Background Abilities that are available to the rest of the nodes

12.1. Content Generation(AI lead automation)

12.2. Project Management(Fetch AI/Open AI)

12.3. Governence

12.3.1. Dot connectors and tools(Inventors)

13. Future of learning and knowledge

14. Why