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[email protected] Project by Mind Map: Child@Venture Project

1. Objective

1.1. To empower OSY through Entrepreneurship

2. Target Clients

2.1. Out of School Youth

2.1.1. OSY from the Dumpsite

2.1.2. OSY from the SSP

3. Who is Child At Venture

4. Process of Partnership

4.1. Read the partnership guidelines

4.2. Identify the Project Details

4.2.1. Who is the client

4.2.2. who will oversee the project

4.2.3. what is the cost

4.3. Fill up the Format Project Proposal

5. Tasks to do

6. Our concept

6.1. Phase1. Select Target OSY

6.2. Phase 2. Build positive relationship with the OSY

6.3. Phase 3. Invite OSY to the [email protected]+YF Project

6.4. Phase 4. TEASE Training

6.5. Phase 5. Evaluation of OSY

6.6. Phase 6. Business Planning

6.7. New node

7. Gray Areas