Catherine Pham 311

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Catherine Pham 311 by Mind Map: Catherine Pham 311

1. Miss Dwyer

1.1. 1) Cruel

1.1.1. But as i lift my arms to take it from her, she pushes her hands together in one sharp movement, and Mattie's beautiful basket made from our mother's love is turned instantly into a misshapen mass (...) Mrs. Dwyer takes two steps to her right and drops the object of her scorn into the waste bin that sits beside a wooden chair placed against the wall (..) (p. 164)

1.1.2. Mrs. Dwyer crosses the room to where Mattie stands and pauses for only a moment before a loud crack echoes as she smacks her stick across my sister's face. (p.122)

1.2. 2) Insensitive

1.2.1. Even Miss Prentiss was there. But Mrs.Dwyer stayed in her room. I wonder if Mrs Dwyer thought i was pretending to be dead. (p.230)

1.3. 3) Tyrannical

1.3.1. Mrs. Dwyer would seize the chance to scold and punish, to scorn and criticize. (p.218)

1.3.2. When Mrs. Dwyer's word spread troughout the school, even the boys, even those who make faces when she speaks to all, would not speak to me or even look in my direction. (p.138)

1.4. 4) Threatening

1.4.1. Who is it who must hate mattie so much that she would steal her dearest possession and give it to the harshest critic? ''Besides,'' she adds, ''Matilda is no longer here. Therefore , i guess she does not need her...swing basket? does she?'' (p.163)

2. Sarah

2.1. 1)Envious

2.1.1. I wish I was strong like Mattie; I wish i was strong enough to help my sister. (p.79)

2.1.2. I wish i were Mattie.(p.70)

2.2. 2) Audacious

2.2.1. 1) I hold my breath for fear that someone will hear me, for fear i will be stopped, and so i move from the path onto the grass...(p.196)

2.3. 3) Supportive

2.3.1. ''Mattie'', Sarah whispers me, ''i'm glad you're safe'' (p.212)

2.3.2. Sarah would wake with a single touch to her shoulders. I could put a finger to my lips and she would say nothing. She would rise and dress silently and come with me and question nothing because she is my sister. (p.140)

2.3.3. 'Not true' I shout, trying not to cry. ''Mattie would not do that'' I know my sister. I know my sister does not lie. I know my sister would not steal. (p.129)

2.4. 4) Stubborn

2.4.1. 1) ''you stop pretending, Mattie. Stop pretending and get up. '' I urge once more. I will not believe that my sister is sick. (p.214)

2.4.2. 2) I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not cry. (p.51)

2.5. 5) Affectionnate

2.5.1. Yet, throughtout the day that passsed as slowly as the days of summer whe n we were young, i found Sarah satring at me, in motherly fashion. (p.220)

3. Ida

3.1. 1) Bossy

3.1.1. When Mrs. Dwyer makes me captain, she continues, your sister better cooperate more and have a better attitude, or she will be in serious trouble (...)Ida is even more bossier than Mattie. (p.66)

3.2. 2) Detractor

3.2.1. Ida said father must pay to have Mattie at home and that must be very poor if our father cannot. (p.225)

3.3. 3) Malicious

3.3.1. "Cat got your tongue?' Ida says, smirking, waving her fork back and forth in the air. (...) And Ida laughs. (p.146)

3.4. 4) Confidente

3.4.1. ''I have my waysm '' Ida adds darkly, emphasizing each word. ''I have my ways'' (p.119)

4. Mattie (Matilda)

4.1. 1) Protective

4.1.1. When i see the look in Mattie's eyes, i know i should not have said that. She likes Miss Weston. ''Miss Weston doesn't yell at anyone, '' she snaps...(p.47)

4.1.2. I don't want to see Sarah. I don't want Sarah to see me. I don't want Sarah to be in trouble. (p.192) & I am grateful for my sister, grateful she has Mr.Davis. But i cannot have Sarah in trouble. (p.202)

4.1.3. I answer for both of us, for even though i know that mine are done, i know that Gracie finds her studies hard and often leaves her lessons long before they're finished. (p.63)

4.2. 2) Rebellious /defiant

4.2.1. Sometimes when we should be at lessons or at work, Mattie pretends to be sick. I think she is tired of marching everywhere, too. (p.79)

4.2.2. 'The first step to becoming a productive person, Matilda, is learning to follow rules, and rising and being ready ti start the day with everyone else is the first rule here. ' (p.24-25)

4.2.3. And perhaps the defiance that has returned to Mattie's face and voice is her undoing (...) (p.122)

4.2.4. My sister is in trouble again. (p.77)

4.3. 3) Strong

4.3.1. But gracie is not as strong as I am. So i have to be strong for both of us. (p.82)

4.3.2. I think i hear her crying, but she does not answer. I think she does not want to tell me that she is hungry. I think she does not want me to hear her crying. (p.197)

4.3.3. Mattie's spirit is strong, but she is not strong. (p.154)

4.4. 4) Independent

4.4.1. But mattie did not ask me. She ran away in the night. (p.188)

4.4.2. I look down, once more, at Gracie, who breathes so deeply I wonder if she is pretending to be asleep, and now I know that there are journeys one must take alone. I turn and step soundlessly out of the room. (p. 140)

4.5. 5) Brave

4.5.1. Even Mattie holds back ; Mattie, who is older and braver than i am. (p.9)

5. Mr. Davis

5.1. 1) Kind

5.1.1. Mr. Davis will not tell on me. Mr. is my friend. (p.198)

5.2. 2) Indifferent

5.2.1. 1) Mr. Davis, who stood at the corner of the building stopped his raking and lifted his head to look at me just as i reached the bottom step. Our eyes met briefly and i was sure i saw his shoulders rise and fall as though he sighed. Even Mr. Davis must have thought i was in trouble. (p.160)

6. Miss Weston

6.1. 1) Nice

6.1.1. She is the nicest teacher in the whole school. She returned the piece i had written about the baskets my mother made, and at the top of the paper, in beautiful handwriting, she had written : How beautifully you write! (p.39)

6.1.2. The softness of her voice and the kindness of her words startle me. (p.205)

6.2. 2) Helpful

6.2.1. I look out the window and cannot believe my eyes. It is Mattie and miss Weston walking down the path. (p.208)

6.3. 3) Compassionnate

6.3.1. ''I miss her too'' (...) ''Mattie is smart, '' she says. ''and strong. Don't worry. She will be safe. '' (p. 154)