Communicative Competence and Communicative Language Teaching

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Communicative Competence and Communicative Language Teaching by Mind Map: Communicative Competence and Communicative Language Teaching

1. Language

1.1. Allows express thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

2. Linguistic

2.1. Unconscious knowledge of grammar.

2.1.1. Speaker use and understand a language

2.2. The science of the language

2.2.1. Phonetic

2.2.2. Phonology

2.2.3. Morphology

2.2.4. Syntax

2.2.5. Semantics

2.2.6. Pragmatics

3. Linguistc Competences

3.1. Consist in produce and understand grammatically correct sentences

3.1.1. Theory changes depending on cultural factors.

3.1.2. Rules of use are dominant over the grammar rules

3.1.3. Theory must be appropiate Heterogeneous speech community Differential competence Roles of sociocultural features

4. Communicative Competence

4.1. Consist in produced and understand appropriate and acceptable sentences depending thesituation

4.1.1. Competence shared knowledge between speaker-listener Unconscious and implicit

4.1.2. Performance Applying previous knowledge to the actual use of the language

5. Communicative Language Teaching

5.1. Performance aspects

5.1.1. Usage knowledgeof linguistic rules

5.1.2. Use Abilityto use knowledge for effective communication

5.2. The abilitytouselanguagetocommunicate

5.2.1. Develop at the same time Communicative abilities Linguistics skills