Real-Estate Marketing

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Real-Estate Marketing by Mind Map: Real-Estate Marketing

1. people believe more on traditional marketing as compared to digital marketing. however young generation believe on digital marketing.

2. Building of trust in Digital marketing

3. people believe more on traditional marketing. peo[ple believe more on peoples. rather than on advertisements. people trust more in physical meeting . the building of trust is more in traditional marketing

4. Building of trust in traditional marketing

5. Digital lead generation is the 21st century way of finding potential takes place entirely online.

6. Traditinal marketing is quite attention grabing marketing. the building of trust is more in traditional matrketing.

7. Digital marketing refers to advertising refers to advertising delivered through digital channels

8. Traditional marketing refers to a form of promotion that reaches an audience offline

9. Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing.

10. lead generation in traditional vs Digital marketing.

11. Traditional Marketing

11.1. TV

11.2. Magzines

11.3. Banners

11.4. Hoardings

12. Digital Marketing

12.1. Email Marketing

12.2. Facebook Ads

12.3. Search engine ads

12.4. Affiliate Marketing

12.5. SEO Marketing