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IB TOK by Mind Map: IB TOK

1. proving theories

2. The human brain can make connections based on sense perception

3. what is included in art

4. emotions affect your knowledge

5. Individual knowers can have various perspectives depending on their unique ways of knowing

6. Knowers are able to "know" the known because they can build onto their previous "knowledge" with what makes sense to them and their influences.

7. it's like the other side of the equation, when people see it equals they can know its true

8. Hume believed: If you can sense it, you can know it

9. language


11. communication

12. develop knowledge

13. reason

14. Plato believed that if you can justify it in your mind, then it's true

15. ethics

16. morals

17. what is common knowledge? how is it common?

18. deez

19. history

20. how can you believe the textbooks?

21. how do you know what is right?

22. personal beliefs

23. equal knowledge in your own mind

24. knower

25. known

26. knowing

27. arts

28. if you have music with lyrics then, it doesn't matter what they are

29. senses

30. fake experiences like in dreams

31. perception of dreams

32. how do you know it is real

33. just because you forget something doesn't mean you don't know it

34. different experiences lead to different knowledge and perspectives

34.1. only know exactly what you have done

35. religion

36. you can only believe in it

37. you can never know there is a god, never know there is not a god

38. by faith

39. passed down generation by generation

40. like everything in life

41. gets the short end of the stick because it seems too far fetched for many people

42. science

43. arts

44. New node

45. are morals something that can be defined at a young age or something that can be developed over time?

46. what defines our beliefs?

47. why do we think certain things are right and wrong?

48. why do we allow ourselves to believe in theories?

49. New node