Data Analytics using Power BI

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Data Analytics using Power BI by Mind Map: Data Analytics using Power BI

1. Prototyping vs. Production

1.1. Power BI in Pipelines

1.1.1. Microsoft: Big Data Architectures

1.1.2. Microsoft: Enterprise Data Warehouse

1.1.3. Learnen: Excel Online To Power BI

1.1.4. Microsoft: Enterprise Business Intelligence

2. Starting Points

2.1. Recap Course Objectives

2.2. Access this Mindmap

2.2.1. Copy this Mindmap

2.3. Download Course Datasets

2.3.1. Download Course Materials

2.4. Download Power BI Desktop

2.4.1. Create a Power BI Online Account

3. Cheat Sheets











4. Final Exercise

4.1. A "What If" Dashboard

4.1.1. EnterpriseDNA: Scenario Analysis in PBI

4.1.2. Microsoft: Data Refresh in Power BI

5. Four Deep Dive Scenarios

5.1. 1. Visual Analytics

5.1.1. Visual Analytics Tibco: What is Data Science? McKinsey: Analytics Disciplines Info is Beautiful: Information Design UX Planet: Better Dashboard Design Tufte: Graphical Excellence Few: Why Most Dashboards Fail PLOS: 10 Simple Rules for Better Charts

5.1.2. Visual Analytics Scenario YouTube: Hans Rosling Gapminder: The Gapminder Visual

5.2. 2. Dashboard Mechanics

5.2.1. Dashboard Mechanics Juice: A Guide to Creating Dashboards People Love to Use Few: Why Most Dashboards Fail Weekdone: OKRs

5.2.2. Dashboard Mechanics Scenario Microsoft: Cards Microsoft: Slicers Microsoft: Bookmarks

5.3. 3. Data Wrangling

5.3.1. Data Wrangling LearnSQL: Power BI Capabilities Microsoft: Database Design Basics Microsoft: Understand Star Schema

5.3.2. Data Wranging Scenario (pt.1) Microsoft: M Query Language Microsoft: Power Query Editor ExceleratorBI: Data Design in Power BI Global Innovation Index

5.3.3. Data Wrangling Scenario (pt.2) Microsoft: Models in Power BI Desktop Microsoft: Row Level Security

5.4. 4. Calculated Measures

5.4.1. Calculated Measures Microsoft: DAX Guide DAX Patterns: Pattern Book Energy Central: Analytics Curve Microsoft: DAX Quickstart

5.4.2. Calculated Measures Scenario An Advanced DAX Pattern XXLBI: Regression in DAX SQLBI: Row and Filter Context

6. Fundamentals

6.1. Purpose of Power BI

6.1.1. Weekdone: OKR Examples

6.2. Anatomy of Power BI

6.2.1. Microsoft: PBI Desktop and PBI Service

6.2.2. SQL Dusty: Power BI Architecture

6.3. Introduction to Power BI Desktop

6.3.1. Microsoft: PBI Desktop

6.3.2. TDS: Forecasting in Power BI

6.4. Introduction to Power BI Online

6.4.1. Microsoft: PBI Service

6.4.2. Microsoft: Share in Power BI

6.4.3. Microsoft: Data Refresh in Power BI

6.5. Process of Power BI

6.5.1. Roman Pilcher: Product Management

6.5.2. Map and Fire: Jobs to be Done