Veiðiferð: UT í menntun og skólaþróun - spennandi rannsóknir í sarpinn?

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Veiðiferð: UT í menntun og skólaþróun - spennandi rannsóknir í sarpinn? by Mind Map: Veiðiferð: UT í menntun og skólaþróun - spennandi rannsóknir í sarpinn?

1. R7

1.1. Journal of Children and Media

1.2. Journal of Computer Asssted Learning

1.3. Journal of Computers in Mathmatics and Science Teaching

1.4. Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia

2. R8

2.1. Journal of Educators Online

2.2. Journal of Interactive Learning Research

2.3. Journal of Interactive Media in Education

2.4. Journal of Interactive Online Learning

3. R1

3.1. Australian Journal of Education Technology

3.2. British Journal of Educational Technlogy

3.2.1. Shreiner, T. L., & Guzdial, M. (2022). The information won't just sink in: Helping teachers provide technology-assisted data literacy instruction in social studies. British Journal of Educational Technology, 53, 1134– 1158.

3.3. CALICO Journal

3.4. Computer-assisted Language Learning

4. R9

4.1. Journal of Online Learning and Teaching

4.2. Journal of Research on Technology in Education

4.3. Journal of Science Education and Technology

4.4. Journal of Special Education Technology

5. R2

5.1. Computers & Education

5.2. Computers in Human Behaviour

5.3. Datorn í utbildningen

5.4. Distance Education

6. R10

6.1. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education

6.2. Language Learning and Technology

6.3. Learning, Media and Technology

6.4. New Media and Society

7. Yu, J., Denham, A. R., & Searight, E. (2022). A systematic review of augmented reality game-based Learning in STEM education. Educational Technology, Research and Development, 70(4), 1169-1194.

8. R3

8.1. Distance Learning

8.2. E-Learning and digital media

8.3. Education and Information Technologies

8.4. ETR&D

9. R11

9.1. Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy

9.2. Online Learning

9.3. Online Learning: The Journal of Open, distance, and e-Learning

9.4. School Libraries Worldwide

10. R6

10.1. International Journal of Web-based learning and Teaching Technologies

10.2. Internet and Higher Education

10.3. IRRODL

10.4. Journal for Multicultural Education

11. R12

11.1. Simulation and Gaming

11.2. Technology and disability

11.3. Technology, Knowledge and Learning

11.4. Technology, Pedagogy and Education

12. R4

12.1. EURODL

12.2. Information Technology for Development

12.3. Innovations in Education and Teaching International

12.4. International Journal of Child-Computer Interaction

13. R5

13.1. Internationl Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology

13.2. International Journal of Technology and Design Education

13.3. International Journal of E-learning & Distance Education

14. International Journal of Distance Education Technologies