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The Water Cycle by Mind Map: The Water Cycle
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The Water Cycle

Did you know that the Earth only has a limited supply of water? But don't worry! We won't run out. The water that is on the Earth now has been here since the Earth was created. Here's a video explaining the Water Cycle:


The sun heats up the water in lakes, streams, rivers, & oceans

Heated water turns to vapor

Vapor rise into the air

This is evaporation!


After water condenses, it gets heavy

The air can't hold all the water and it falls to earth

Precipitation can be: rain, sleet, hail, or snow

This is precipitation!


The vapor in the air cools down

Once it cools down, it turns back to a liquid

The liquid now forms a cloud

This is condensation!


Now that we have learned all about the water cycle, let's watch one more video to review.

During precipitation, water falls to the earth

The water either falls on the ground or into bodies of water

If it falls onto the ground, it is soaked up to nourish the soil

This is called collection!