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Brainstorming by Mind Map: Brainstorming

1. Things not to forget

1.1. Iratus Flumen

1.1.1. It whispers

1.1.2. He is very wise.

1.1.3. It is purple

1.1.4. Means Angry River in Latin

1.2. Latin animals

1.3. Colotes

1.3.1. He is the king of all the geckos

1.3.2. Colotes is genrally stupid (see characters)

1.3.3. At Colotes's When Joe and Owen fianally make it to a shore. Colotes is there, waiting (for what I don't know). At first the boys miss him (he's only a small lizard) that's untill he talks. Colotes directs the boys into his lair only for the boys to find his plans stupidly pinned onto the wall. Later on the boys find a network of small tunnel where Colotes is trying to direct Iratus Flumen under cities so he can arode the ground there to capture everybody. The boys set about blocking the tunnels/trying to talk to Iratus Flumen. Sleeping The boys have to sleep on the floor.

1.4. Suspense

1.4.1. What will Colotes do to Joe and Owen is they get captured?

1.5. Genus Lupus

1.5.1. A kind friendly wolf

1.5.2. At first the boys are scared of him

1.5.3. He tells them not to go into the darker parts of the woods (they do).

1.5.4. Don't forget about him!

1.5.5. He is very wise.

1.5.6. Spotted at camp

1.5.7. Genus Lupus sends the boys off track (not by purpose!)

1.6. Add the title at the end!

1.7. Don't forget about the first camp scenes. It holds a very big part of the story

1.7.1. They sleep in room 17

1.7.2. This year George is very exited.

1.8. Write preview for blog!

2. Simple Plan

2.1. George and Owen (from Wolf Jaw Rock)

2.2. go on an adventure into the woods not knowing that they're about to find some unusual creatures.

3. Problems

3.1. Problem 1

3.1.1. The goround mysteriously arodes infront infront of them due to a raging purple river (called Iratus Flumen) beneath.

3.2. Problem 2

3.2.1. They almost drown because Iratus Flumen is particualy angry because Colotes the Gecko has an evil plan

3.3. Problem 3

3.3.1. Colotes is a selfish lizard (gecko) who plans to capture every human in the world. He thinks George and Owen should be his first victim.

3.4. May be more when I write it up.

4. Settings

4.1. Main Camp

4.2. Hike scenery

4.3. Deep into the forest

4.4. Iratus Flumen

4.5. Corotes lair

5. Chracters

5.1. George

5.1.1. George and James next time.

5.2. Owen

5.3. Iratus Flumen

5.4. Genus Lupus

5.4.1. A rusty red colour.

5.5. Gary (hike leader)

5.6. Josh (camp leader)

5.7. Colotes

5.8. Nick (deputy leader)