Sensory Elements (Five Senses)

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Sensory Elements (Five Senses) by Mind Map: Sensory Elements   (Five Senses)

1. Hearing

1.1. That was the worst voice I have ever heard in my entire life!

1.2. Hearing is the ability to perceive sound

1.3. It's too loud. Could you please turn down the volume?

1.4. "OI! So loud lar! Later I STOMP you ar!"

1.5. The symphonic band that played yesterday sounded very melodious.

2. Taste

2.1. The dish tastes heavenly!

2.2. That was such a scrumptious meal!

2.3. That was the most horrible meal I've ever tasted. It was so bland and flavourless I could throw up.

2.4. YUM YUM

2.5. The taste of the new dish is extraordinary.

3. Smell

3.1. Wow! Love your new perfume. It smells like fresh flowers.

3.2. Eww,,, The it smells like the sewer in here.

3.3. You smell delightful today.

3.4. I can smell the horrendous stench of the garbage a mile away.

3.5. Mmmmm hmmm

3.6. *Sniff sniff*

4. Sight

4.1. I can see my house from here!

4.2. The view from the mountain is very breath taking.

4.3. Sight is the ability to see

4.4. Ooooohhhh

5. Touch

5.1. The ice is cold.

5.2. The bee sting is painful.

5.3. That injection yesterday was the most painful feeling ive ever felt.

5.4. She felt the gentle ocean breeze blowing towards her face.

5.5. OUCH!

5.6. "Those buns are so soft!"