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Pride by Mind Map: Pride

1. Too much

1.1. Can lead to not getting help if needed

1.2. causes you to put your pride over your needs

1.3. Can make you almost cruel to other people (Scarlet Ibis) when you feel that they are destroying your pride

2. Too Little

2.1. Can lead to low self esteem

2.2. Almost makes you use other people because you have no shame in doing so

2.3. Usually not too hardworking because you have no image to uphold

3. Examples

3.1. Scarlet Ibis: too much pride

3.2. Great Depression: many people refused to ask for money or help because of pride

4. Consequences

4.1. Pride (usually too much) leads us to do stupid things and refuse to get the help we need

4.2. Too little pride usually makes us shameless

5. Opposite

5.1. Humble: NOT too much pride, or too LITTLE.

5.1.1. A good example: Proud enough to not take things freely from people, not too proud that you can't ask for help