Triangles, Triangles, Triangles

This is a concept map of triangle classifications and congruence theorems.

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Triangles, Triangles, Triangles by Mind Map: Triangles, Triangles, Triangles

1. Assesssments

1.1. Classwork

1.2. Homework

1.3. Unit exam

1.4. Poster

1.5. Bridge

2. Learning Targets

2.1. I can classify triangles.

2.2. I can use properties of triangles to solve problems.

2.3. I can write proofs involving triangle properties.

3. Course Topics

3.1. Triangle classification

3.1.1. by side measures isosceles triangle at least two congruent sides equilateral triangle three congruent sides scalene triangle no congruent sides obtuse angle one obtuse angle

3.1.2. by angle measures right triangle one right angle acute triangle three acute angles equiangular triangle three congruent angles

3.2. Triangle properties

3.2.1. congruence SSS SAS HL ASA AAS

3.3. Proof formats

3.3.1. Two-column

4. Textbooks and Required Supplies

4.1. Compass

4.2. Ruler

4.3. Textbook

4.4. List of known properties

4.5. Pencils, pens, markers

4.6. Popsicle sticks

4.7. Wood glue

4.8. Tagboard

4.9. Plastic triangles