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1. Lifestyle Investment/Viola Family Legacy

1.1. Viola Main Farm House (less than two hours door to door from NYC)

1.2. Support St. Elias/Teresa Viola Racing Operations

2. Why Are We Pursuing This Deal?

2.1. Earn a return on investment

2.1.1. Possible syndication of part of the operation down the road

2.1.2. Utilize WPT assets

2.1.3. Bring our collective business acumen into play to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and increase profits

3. Kentucky Operation

3.1. Corporate Structure

3.2. Rehab center

3.3. See Florida Nodes

4. Florida Training Center

4.1. Is it profitable?

4.2. What synergies does it bring to Kentucky?

4.3. How good is the staff?

4.4. Resale value in three to five years?

4.5. Capex needed now?

4.6. Pricing/day rate issues? How high can we go?

4.7. Competition?

4.8. Current client roster?

4.9. Close stallion station?

4.10. Industry perception of the job they do?

5. Buying Vinery

5.1. Developing a Vision Statement

5.2. Valuing Kentucky and Florida farms

5.3. Valuing Stallion Share Portfolio

5.4. Do Financial Modeling

5.5. Valuing the Racing/Breeding Stock

5.6. Legal/Accounting/Tax Considerations

5.7. Role of TPF in the venture

5.8. Does Tom Simon stay on as a minority partner?

6. New York Leases

6.1. Is it profitable?

6.2. Quality of staff

6.3. What are the synergies with the Kentucky operation

6.4. Do we need two farms?

6.5. Cost of closing down operations?

6.6. Current stallon roster??

6.7. Breeders Awards Program

7. Tom Ludt

7.1. Breeders Cup Chairmen

7.2. Good energy

7.3. Development as a CEO?

7.4. Senior staff?

7.5. Commercial Operation

7.6. Is he focused enough?

7.7. Financial reporting

7.8. Has dealt with a hands off owner the entire time he's run Vinery.

7.9. Technology

8. Metrics

8.1. What is success?

8.1.1. Taking superior care of the horses in our care

8.1.2. Provide a extraordinary level of customer care and service

8.1.3. Operate a profitable, sustainable company whose team members enjoy the work they do and are constantly learning and developing

8.2. How do we measure success?

8.2.1. 15% net profit on revenue

8.2.2. Retention rate for clients above 90%

8.2.3. Employee retention and 360 survey results

9. Operating The Farms

9.1. Personnel

9.2. Adminstration

9.3. Finance and accounting

9.4. Farm Management/Operations

9.5. Technology

9.5.1. Current status?

9.5.2. Where can we improve operations and cut costs?

9.6. Marketing

10. Creating Value

10.1. New Stallion prospecting and Acquisition

10.2. Sales Consignment/Private Sales/Boarding

10.3. Horse Acquisition

10.3.1. Claiming mares off the track to breed to our stallions

10.3.2. Purchase well bred Derby/Oaks Prospects

10.4. Building the Brand

10.5. Client Acquisition/retention

10.6. Vinery Racing Stable Management

10.7. Top to bottom review of revenue, expenses and operation

10.7.1. Emphasis on payroll

10.7.2. Emphasis on Insurance costs

10.8. Incentivize the team

11. Synergies

11.1. Synergies between St. Elias and Vinery

11.1.1. Reduce costs of training and boarding SE. Horses

11.1.2. Various opportunities for investment

11.2. Synergies between West Point and Vinery

11.2.1. WPT now able to offer a full range of services/opportunities to clients and prospects (offered thru Vinery)

11.2.2. Admin support from Vinery Staff

11.2.3. "Everyone we meet is a potential client for something"

11.2.4. Relationship provides more hands on interaction with Vinery CEO

12. Churchill Downs Suite on the Finish Line

12.1. For use with key clients/prospects on special days

12.2. Derby/Oaks plan