Laughter Out of Place

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Laughter Out of Place by Mind Map: Laughter Out of Place

1. Introduction

1.1. humor

1.2. women of Rio

1.2.1. culture- "words fly away"

1.2.2. protagonists of women police gangs ambuiguity narrowing public space frustrations with men

2. Chapter 1

2.1. Gloria

2.1.1. lives in Felicidade Eterna 6 of her children Zeca dead 5 of sister's children

2.1.2. hired for domestic help, became friends

2.1.3. black mother, white daughter

2.2. Carnival

2.2.1. forgetting and remembering

2.2.2. liberal and conservative

2.3. history of Brazil

2.3.1. once largest slave economy in the world

2.3.2. slavery ended- Afro-Brazilians sent to slums

2.3.3. wealth distribution unequal

2.3.4. Constitution- laws dependent on what laws look like in everyday practice

2.4. culture hegemony

2.4.1. taste sense of place hides real agenda which is power black humor is bad taste

2.5. New Year

2.5.1. unity of communities