How to Design a Logo

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How to Design a Logo by Mind Map: How to Design a Logo

1. Creating a brief with questionnaire

2. Showing a client

3. client feedback

3.1. What if they don't like any of the logos?

4. make amends

5. How to Quote for Logo Design with example

5.1. covering yourself against excessive amends

5.2. deposit?

6. Designing the logo

6.1. Doing some research

6.2. Getting creative

6.2.1. Brainstorming

6.2.2. Moodboards

6.2.3. other ways go be creative

6.2.4. Logo inspiration

6.3. Sketching ideas

6.3.1. Add to words

6.3.2. Creating symbols and recognisable elements

6.3.3. using shapes

6.3.4. joining letters together

6.3.5. using one letter

6.4. Looking at typefaces

6.5. Looking more more closely at type - kerning, etc Serif, sans serif

6.6. Choosing the best sketches

6.7. scan in and work up in black and White

6.8. Choose the best black and white ideas

6.9. Starting with colour

6.9.1. Test colours

6.9.2. colour inspiration

6.10. choose best colour logos

7. Invoicing the logo design

8. Further Work - stationery design etc if required