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Business Studies Unit 1 by Mind Map: Business Studies Unit 1
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Business Studies Unit 1

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

Types of Market Segmentation



Social Class



Frequency of purchase

Sample- Represent the market. Equal proportions. The bigger the better!

Random Sample- each member of the target population has an equal chance of being chosen.

Quota sample- a fixed number of serveral different segments each sharing a common feature(e.g age,gender)

Simple - Random (names from a hat)

Stratified - Split into groups , random selection from the groups

Legal Structure of a Business

Sole Trader- Unlimited Liability

Partnerships e.g Doctors and Solicitors

Private Ltd ( LTD )

Public Ltd (PLC)

The supply chain

Starts with Raw Materials

Value is added at each stage e.g a Bead making factory turns plastic into beads, then the handbag manufacorer uses the beads for decoration

Protecting business models

Patent - Protects the product

Trademark - Protects the Logo or slogan

Copyrights- Copy written work and music.




Market Research


Qualitive - Closed - Statistics

Quantative - Open- Personal Opinions

Primary Research (interview, questionaire, focus groups.)

Secondary Research (second hand)

Not enough research can increase the risk of failing. A business must know what the market want


Cost Benefti Analysis - Weighing up the costs of a business against potential benefits.

Manufactoring businesses providing bulky finished products need to be located near to customers.

Manufactoring businesses starting with heavy raw materials producing lightweight end products need to be located near raw materials.

Good location needs a good infrastrucute (motorways, rail links, ports and airports)

Must be located near support services (banking, IT assistance, engineering assistance)

Must be near College/Universities, Affordable housing, schools, medical, leisure, room for expansion.

Government provide grants, loans , equity investment and financial guidance as incentives for some areas.

Located near owners house

Some areas have better image e.g London/Paris for fashion.


However internet made locations more flexible.

Part time stff


More flexible to demand

Better work/life balance

Wider range of skills

Hard to find

Less loyal

Less dedicated

Less exp


Important to have a balance of full/part time.

New starting businesses should have part time staff until demand is stable

Permanent Staff have an ongoing contractn and garunteed salary. Severence pay

Tempory- Fixed period of time (e.g 6months) Contracts can be renewed

Business recruitment agencies used to advertise and find suitable candidates. Charge fee for service

Contractors used when businesses require specific specialist skill (short term basis) e.g cleaning, accountancy and building.

Some businesses find it difficult to attract the right candidates as they cannot offer the salaries larger companies offer.

Can be sued if candidates declined for race,sex or disabilities

Business Plans

To get financial backing

Banks/Financers ask for one before investing.

Helps entrepeneur asses businesses strengths and weaknesses

Comparable to real performance

Areas of a Business Plan

Advice on creating a business plan

Break even Analysis



forcast variations

persuade banks

if data is wrong results will be wrong

Assumes all products will be sold

Assumes variable costs rise steadily

Cash Flow (Not the same as profit)

Selling something on credit counts as profit now but it wont count as cash flow until it enters the account

Improve cash flow by:

Can lead to false assumptions

Machinery can break down





Help control income/expenditure

Help deligate authority

Help control/ motivate staff

If budget is wrong actual results will follow

Lead to false confidence

Doesnt account for machinery break down etc