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Sept 26th - 2 Supply Chain Session by Mind Map: Sept 26th - 2 Supply
Chain Session
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Sept 26th - 2 Supply Chain Session

6. How to optimize effectiveness in the fashion supply chain: DHL’s solutions and involvement in the Fashion industry and suppliers

Nicolas Moúze

Commercial Director



DHL & fashion

logistics partner for fashion week

hubs in world

solution for optimization

1s choice fashion industry

give support

ecommerce EU

home delivery

drop off point

pack station


reduce cost

end to end value


cont replenish ment costs

carrying cost, need collab, to run it down

where are we going?

near term, china > bangladesh, New node, vietnam, no viable, cambodja, no viable

alternative to china, space, agricult > industry, only place, central africa, watch at lead indicators, textiles, position of textile there will be the place

near sourcing is attractive

driver low cost nickle en dimes

holistic SC, LA is closer to where you sell, rapis replenisment, demand signal, only a week laad time, driver, nickel dime, short lead time, oil prices, source near less transp costs, where are the real cost, not the labour cost

forcus on tim to consumer

fast fashion


collect cutting loses, 85% is used, 15% not

water costs are high for cotton

has conflict with environ

model: buy new stuff, no sells no money

sust?, sust thru the chain, wool mixex with chems

consumer wants fast fashion

how to make it sust

consumers want it now in huge choice

5. New eBiz Developments - one language for faster supply chains

Andreas Schneider

Managing Partner

GCS Consulting


Mauro Scalia

Project Manager






example gerry webber, has 60 it system, to much

trade of complexity vs specilization


upstream, goods, info, money


specilization vs complexity

germany where hit by



develop standards

same language is key, processes, business, technology

speak same language

GS1, cluster bus. models

mgn vertical buss models

1 toolbox for whole SC, define stnd processes

100% digital process > 20% saving

organize it

global stnds

build a basis, ie product recall

echange data in harmonized way

stop ie using faxes

digital comms

ebiz TCF

bus processes

models for documents

product identification

reference architecture

key mgmt task

adverising the system

forward preso

4. Fashionomics: The new economics of Fashion

Bob McKee

Fashion Industry Strategy Director




we all say the same stuff

fashion bus. model needs to change

wait till it 50%, at 70% off then consumer will buy

no1 cost is fashion value chain, cost of mark downs, supplier > retailer problem



cons pay less

supp charge more

issues, bad environ, reg & law issues

do things differnely, collab

unit cost

fabric price increases

oil incr, synthetic, machines

hedging for costs


open market

fear for overflooding land

devaluation of RMB


esprit example, the made profit, less then expected by analist, value went down

macys, lay of 20000 people, no consumers, stock price up


global industry

lead industrial revolution

UK > USA, UK: regulation issues, USA: got tired, pushed to Asia






Honk Kong



normal ec evolution

cost of labor up

listen to consumers

partner thru value chain

know down barriers


social networking, social community, that woudl look good on a shirt, they vote on designs, then prodcuced, no design costs, no risks except size, succesful, next thing, flavoured tea

use socialnetnetworking



focus on changes

buyers do jobs

bus. model

buyers with 40% efficient is not good

shorten time

supply to value chain

listen to consumer, supply wat they want

3. high end of tailor womens wear

3. Jan Hilger

Director Operations Formalwear




go east

end up in EU again

era of cheaper garments is over

david birnbaum

2025 80% of major apparel come from 20 large groups

win win

large / small

premium luxury is

4% volume

8% of value

fabric comes from italy

few fact closed down

less player, innov go down


secure know how

high complexity

luxury indust is pain in the ass

unhealthy competition

work together

10 woman wears companies, larger volume

sharing ideas


info and connection

high end fashion cluster

put brains together, clothing technician, checks on brands

people talk to eachother


innovation pool

ship together etc


a solution to tackle

if you cant dream you cant do it

2. Expanding Sourcing Strategies Beyond the Low Cost Needle

Kurt Cavano

Founder, Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer

TradeCard, Inc.



started in 1999 Tradecard, came from tech space, went to apparel space

SC tech to revolutionize sourcers


global ec is strugglin

chinese garment ass., they have a an inventory of 3 years for domestic china!

fast fashion, sust & green

supplier challenges

diff communicating


low cost needle

eliminate days & dollars from SC

solution look at tools, compress way, supplies, buyers

cycle time

a week less increase margin by 12%

sign dolard value form every week out of SC

find ways on stripping away costs


columbia, produce fleece, is big, needed a new warehouse, direct ship to retailers, everybody profts

bauer, personaize hockey sticks in china, ship them to use, split and deliver it directly

my addidas

belk, diff sizes based on geography, get right sizes, connect buyer with factory

guess, early payment programme

savings in SC

set of partners

use tech

benefit for all

1. Countering Supply Chain Challenges with a cloud-based IT-system

Guido Brackelsberg

Managing Director

Setlog GmbH



is it all about price?, yes but, TCO, it side

next step, optimising proccesses, lots of bilateral relationships

global supply chain

share workflow with all partners

integrate everyone

global supply chain integration

software is as good as it is being used

partners are part of supply chain

collab platfrom, if partners see benefit, they use it

everyone in value chain will integrate

ecological sust

case basler, intgerate supplier, no, xls, mails, achievements, CO2 reduction 45%

economic sust

tom tailor, shorten lead times, if i not make a sale im not making money

lot of efficiencies possible


lots of sourcing countries are muslim

integrate them





there an be fat out, internet tech can help do that


welcome to the live mind mapping stream

Mind Mapped by Alexis van Dam from Connection of Minds

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sourcing developments

integrated planning


cost cutting



Paulo Nunes de Almeida

Ex-ATP President

AEP Foundation President



huge pleasure to be here

entrepreneur in textile

general way of doing business

keynote speaker

Dr. Harry Lee


TAL Apparel Limited

Hong Kong


how to create value in supply chain

late 1990s, buyer can buy form country supplier/ factory, quote premium, move to china, cheaper, more capacity

china, land cost low, collect more taxes then from farmers, factories located 1-2 hrs from Hong Kong, retailers, cost of goods decreases, most retailers, no reduction in retail prices

recent years

china, wages increase by 20%, appreciation of RMB, hard to find labour, cost increase


supplier, close business, move to lower price country

China, higer cost, good infrastructure, good mgmt, value added services

moving to 3rd worl country, longer, fabric trim, production lead time, shippign time, less wel etsbalished mgmt, good: lower ex factory cost


apparel trade, first cost may not be best choice

SKU itensity, color, size, style, fabric, example gillett, apparel trade, SKU intensity, huge mark downs

soft $, material cost, prod cost, inventort, operation, sg&a, marked down, profits


case 1, world leading branded garment wholesaler, objective, shorted leadtime, imp service level, inc inventory turn, mgd score card, replenisment time, 150 to 60 days, benefit

case 2, clicks & mortar, non iron shirt, objective, 50% jump in business, partnerships, replenisment, shorten leadtime, mgn sizes, result, inventory turns, incr 7%, in stock rate, incr %%, weekof supply, decr 44%, better plan from supply side

case 3, read & react, better forecast, save money

SKY intensity

SCM, incr sales, decr mark downs

economic environ

slow economy, us, eu, china

diff t make profit


20 years now

few succes cases, why, obstacles buyer side, 1st prio, lwo 1st cost, 2nd prio, manuf side, lowest corst to customers, schedule production, quality, minimal, human rights, okay, environmental

succesful in SCM?, buyer side, common goal, buss model, icr cons satif, max profit, GMROI, gros marging ROI

how to align with supply, communicate, setup goals, score cards, award order to better perform

entire SC, suppliers, common goals: service cust better

strong parnership, perfect rel.ship

commitment from the the top



SCM can save 1/3 of FOB

SCM can prod better fin results