Frankenstein And Blade Runner Theme

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Frankenstein And Blade Runner Theme by Mind Map: Frankenstein And Blade Runner Theme

1. Creator & Creation

1.1. Creator is bound to creation

1.2. Creator owes creation

1.2.1. Extended Life

1.2.2. Happiness Companionship

1.2.3. God

1.2.4. Failure to Supply for Creation Death of creator Difference? Death of loved one

1.3. Being able to create is dangerous

1.3.1. The Monster

1.3.2. Roy

1.4. Cannot be undone

1.5. Reward?

1.5.1. Respect from creation

2. Human

2.1. Definition of Human

2.1.1. Appearance Replicants The Monster

2.1.2. God Created Replicants The Monster

2.1.3. Part of Society The Monster Creation is more human than creator

2.1.4. Evil The Monster Replicants

2.1.5. Empathy The Monster Replicants

2.2. If not human, "What am I?"(116)

2.3. Importance?

2.3.1. If nonhumans can coexist, does it matter who is human?

3. Society

3.1. Vital part of being

4. Abition

4.1. Cost

4.1.1. Pain Victor

4.1.2. Possessions Walton