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Aspect by Mind Map: Aspect

1. joker why, 2/6/12

1.1. Why was it made?

1.1.1. If the info is on something serous and you don't know if it is real, you can get hurt.

1.2. Purpose

2. Source

2.1. Where did the info come from?

2.2. Anyone can write anything on the internet. If the info you need doesn't have a source, it could be fake.

3. Authority

3.1. Who wrote it?

3.1.1. what else did he make.

3.1.2. You need to find out who this person is that is giving you this info. Anybody can write anything online.

3.2. 11/5/11 Storm Trooper

4. Evenness

4.1. New node

4.1.1. Is the info bias? Does it lean one way? Most of the time the info you need has to not be bias.

5. Coverage

5.1. 5/4/09 cover

5.1.1. Does the info cover everything?

5.1.2. You need to get everything you can on the info you are searching for. If not, when you turn it in to your instructor, they can say that your work is incomplete.

6. Timeliness

6.1. New node

6.1.1. When was the info made? Is the info current? If the info isn't current, you cant do much with it.