Samoa Tourisim

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Samoa Tourisim by Mind Map: Samoa Tourisim

1. Social/Cultural

1.1. Negatives

1.1.1. Communities may begin to sell cultural artefacts for profit and there may be destruction to statues, temples and other significant places.

1.1.2. Loss of culture, identity and traditional customs

1.1.3. Overdevelopment

1.2. Positives

1.2.1. Learning about each other’s culture and customs

1.2.2. Developing positive attitudes towards each other

1.2.3. Developing pride, appreciation, understanding, respect, and tolerance for each other’s culture

1.2.4. Reducing negative perceptions and stereotypes

2. Environmental

2.1. Positives

2.1.1. ecotourism often appeals to advocates of environmental and social responsibility.

2.2. Negatives

2.2.1. Pollution

2.2.2. Development of hotels and other tourist attraction requires clearing of land

2.2.3. Tourism development creates more pollution

2.2.4. Lack of resources

3. Political

3.1. Positives

3.1.1. Learning about each other’s culture and customs

3.2. Negative

3.2.1. People from the outside that don't live in Samoa, can get involved in their political “battles”.

4. Economic

4.1. Positives

4.1.1. Development of hotels, resorts, restaurants, shops, attractions and transport.

4.2. Negatives

4.2.1. help generate money to preserve the cultural and natural areas of this region

4.2.2. Most of the funds for holidays and tourism go on flights and accommodation, not to local traders