blade runner vs frankenstein

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blade runner vs frankenstein by Mind Map: blade runner vs frankenstein

1. creator vs brainchild

1.1. war

1.2. sympathy

1.3. abandon

2. identity confusion

2.1. creature doesn't know about himself

2.2. replicants want to discover how made

3. the way created

3.1. biological- made out of humans

3.2. strong- outstanding features

4. villain vs. human

4.1. creature shows human aspects by feeling

4.1.1. New node

4.2. replicants show love fear etc.

5. intelligence

5.1. creature can learn languages- genius

5.2. replicants are created to be smarter than normal humans

6. role of female

6.1. portrayed as love machines

6.2. stereotypical

6.2.1. sexy

6.2.2. curvy

6.2.3. outfit

7. hiding guilt

7.1. deckard know that rachel is a replicant

7.2. frankenstein knows who killed but won't speak up