Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Can't Stop

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Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Can't Stop by Mind Map: Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Can't Stop

1. Mise-en-scene

1.1. Colours

1.1.1. Orange used frequently used throughout video

1.1.2. white avery clean colour something that would not normally associate with a rock band

1.2. Location/setting

1.2.1. based in a warehouse or artists studio as this is using the artisits work in the video

1.3. Lighting

1.3.1. Bright

1.3.2. High Key Lighting not conventional with this type of music and band

1.4. Props

1.4.1. Most of the props used throughout this video are mainly random objects which are part of an artists exhibition.

1.4.2. Conventional props such as drums, guitare and microphone are all used in this music video.

1.5. Costume

1.5.1. The costume is very conventional as is it from the rock band, illustrating who they are.

1.5.2. The lead singer takes his top off, which again is very conventional for this type of music.

1.6. Body Language

1.6.1. The band are always quite close to each other suggesting to there audience that they are a group, they are all friends, again very conventional

2. Sound

2.1. The sound track is mostly non diegetic, again very conventional

3. Camera

3.1. Long shot of yellow tube - establishing shot

3.2. Framing Face at the end of the tube

3.3. Tracking shot - camera going through yellow tube, helping with the build up on the song

3.4. Four shot of the band running, introducing band

3.5. Lead singer at the front of running band - Star Image

3.6. Lots of close-ups of all the artists - promoting all the artists and the star image

3.6.1. the close-ups are conventional as they establish a relationship with the audinece and convey emotions to the audience

3.7. Unconventional close-up of drummer.

3.8. Conventional wide shot of band

3.9. Wide shot - showing hierarchy of band, the lead singer is closet to the camera, the drummer and lead guitarist are behind the lead singer.

3.10. Not in chronological order, this is unconventional

4. Editing

4.1. The band is introduced with long takes ( the yellow tube part) this is done to build the song up and to introduce the music.

4.2. Many cuts, and short takes

4.3. no fades or dissolves as the trailer is fast paced

4.4. Shots are edited synchronously to the music which is very conventional in terms of a music video.