2: control of infectious disease

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2: control of infectious disease by Mind Map: 2: control of infectious disease

1. Definition: communicable diseases

2. Modes of transmission

2.1. direct contact

2.1.1. leprosy isolate infected persons and animals treat the cases use protective clothing

2.2. respiratory

2.2.1. TB isolate the patients with open TB use respiratory masks vaccination treatment of contaminated material

2.3. fecal-oral

2.3.1. Salmonella isolation of infected patients (only in health care facilities) contact precautions treatment is not usually required

2.3.2. viral diarrhea isolate the cases vaccination available for some diseases

2.4. victor born

2.4.1. malaria and dengue fever isolation of patients is not practiced treatment of infected patients victor control vaccination

2.5. sexual

2.5.1. treatment of patients and contacts

2.5.2. vaccination

2.5.3. safe sex and protection

2.6. parental

2.6.1. Hepatitis B and C vaccination single use needles single use shaving blades

2.7. mother to fetas

2.7.1. Rubella, Measles, Herpes, Syphilis early screening for mothers vaccination immunoglobulins