Frankenstein and Blade Runner

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Frankenstein and Blade Runner by Mind Map: Frankenstein and Blade Runner

1. Blade Runner

1.1. Replicants

1.1.1. Roy

1.1.2. Leon

1.1.3. Pris

1.1.4. Zura

1.2. Themes

1.2.1. Creationism

1.2.2. Human identity The eyes The movement of the eyes are the only indication of humanity look the same as any other human can not tell if one is a human or a replicant Memories Memories make personality

1.2.3. Playing God Prometheus New node Tyrells house A lot of gold Huge Huge Bed New node Public looks up the the Tyrell corporation

2. Frankenstein

2.1. Themes

2.1.1. Creation of life prometheus Victor after creating life falls very ill guilt? consequence for playing god? does not become very rich or famous is horified he did such a thing

2.1.2. human identity Body shape people called him a monster memories born without memories New node creations were better then us lift more stronger bigger faster jump of technology from one to another

3. Both

3.1. Pursued their creators

3.2. Artificial life

3.2.1. man made

3.2.2. Created by science