Frankenstein vs. Blade Runner

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Frankenstein vs. Blade Runner by Mind Map: Frankenstein vs. Blade Runner

1. Frankenstein

1.1. Themes

1.1.1. Nature vs. Nurture Frankenstein Not created evil Experiences Causes his malicious behavior

1.1.2. Creation

1.1.3. Guilt

1.1.4. Vengeance

1.1.5. Responsibility

1.1.6. What it means to be human? Emotion Control over self Ambition

1.1.7. Ambition Too much ambition leads to unforeseen consequences Victor

1.2. Victor

1.2.1. Playing God

1.2.2. Illnesses Psychologically induced

1.3. Creature

1.3.1. Lives in solitude De'Lacey Family

1.3.2. Doesn't start out Evil Friendly Tries to befriend people

1.3.3. John Locke's Philosophy Experience influences the way people behave and evolve Friendly Lonely Seeks friendship Tabula Rasa: blank slate

1.4. Walton

1.4.1. Influenced by Victor's stody

2. Blade Runner

2.1. Themes

2.1.1. Nature vs. Nurture People "Playing God" Replicants Not created evil Through slave experiences, seek freedom and longer life

2.1.2. Technology Man's never ending pursuit of technology Ultimately results in their destruction Shows man's desire to control society

2.1.3. Eyes Chew Gives Batty and Leon the direction to find Sebastian Artificial Glow A glow in the eyes of replicants indicates their artificiality "Window to the soul" Dr. Tyrell's Glasses Very thick Dies

2.1.4. Ambition Too much ambition can lead to unforeseen consequences Dr. Tyrell Replicants

2.1.5. Corruption of humanity

2.2. Events

2.2.1. Replicants Motives Achieve longer life Behavior Child-like Names Roy Batty Priss Zhora Leon

2.2.2. Tyrell Corporation Dr. Tyrell Sebastian Chew