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School life by Mind Map: School life
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School life


Compare classroom before and after summer. Make a project "Find differences". Group work. Share your projects?discuss? find differences,


What is your favourite lesson? What lesson don`t you like? What do you know about British schools?


What lessons do we have in our timetable? What about timetable of British students? Make your timetable.


What do you do during the breaks?Who knows interesting games for the break?

School day

Compare school day in Russia and in Britain. Make a table.

The 1st of September

Did you like your first day at school? What about your friend? Make a dialogue.

Likes and dislikes


What subject is the favourite one in our group? Let`s find out!


Do your friends like the same subjects as you do?


What is your favourite teacher? Why do you like her/him?


Do you like to do homework?


How did you spend your summer holidays?

In Russia

In Britain

Hello! Nice to meet you.

Tell about yourself.

How are you?

Tell about yourself


Discuss in pairs.

for pupils

for teachers