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Travelling by Mind Map: Travelling

1. Why do people travel?

1.1. hope to make a fortune

1.2. to change their life

1.3. to investigate the world

1.4. to discover new places

1.5. to discover new species of animals or plants

1.6. to become famous

1.7. to develope trade and economic relationships

1.8. to meet new people and get to know their lifestyles and their traditions

1.9. because of curiosity

1.10. when feel down or stressed out

1.11. have a sense of adventure

2. Where can you get the information about travelling?

2.1. a newspaper

2.2. a history book

2.3. an encyclopaedia

2.4. a tourist guide

2.5. a personal letter

2.6. a travel leaflet

3. What kinds of holidays do you prefere?

3.1. a camping holiday

3.2. a cruise

3.3. a skiing holiday

3.4. a cycling holiday

3.5. a beach holiday

3.6. a caravanning holiday

3.7. a sightseeing holiday

3.8. horse riding

3.9. package holiday

3.10. backpacking holiday

4. What will you need when you are going to travel abroad?

4.1. a passport

4.2. a ticket

4.3. a visa

4.4. a travel guide

4.5. a camera

4.6. a health insurance

4.7. a first aid kit

4.8. a map