Sophie's World Chapter 1-4

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Sophie's World Chapter 1-4 by Mind Map: Sophie's World Chapter 1-4

1. Sophie finds a sixth note in her mailbox

1.1. Her mom finds it.

1.1.1. Sophie says its a love letter so her mom will give her privacy.

1.2. The letter explains that the Philosophy course she is taking will go from ancient Greece to present day.

1.2.1. Sophie also learns that Greeks believed the world was eternal

2. Sophie finds a second note in her mailbox. it says, "Where does the world come from?"

2.1. Sophie realizes that it's a valid question and ponders the question and "goes to the den, her outdoor hiding place."

3. Sophie doesn't tell anyone about the notes. She is uninterested in playing with Joanna and says, "I don't think I'm that interested in badminton either."

3.1. Sophie is a bit mean to Joanna and feals bad about it.

4. Sophie found a fourth letter in the mailbox. "Inside the envelope there were three typewritten pages held together with a paper clip."

4.1. She red them right away

5. Walks home from school with Joanna

5.1. Joanna says "humans are like computers."

6. Sophie finds the first note in her mail box.

6.1. It says "Who are you?"

6.2. Sophie asks herself if she would be a different person if she had a different name. “Wasn't it odd that she didn't know who she was? And wasn't it unreasonable that she hadn't been allowed to have any say in what she would look like?"

7. Sophie finds a third letter, a birthday card to Hilde Moller Knag, in her mailbox. The postcard is from Hilde's father.

8. After school, Sophie comes home to another letter, which is from her dad and a fifth mysterious letter.

8.1. She reads them, then goes to wander in her garden. Trying to forget everything she had learned that day.