SW Notes of Chapters 1-4

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SW Notes of Chapters 1-4 by Mind Map: SW Notes of Chapters 1-4

1. Chapter 2

1.1. Rejects Johanna to play cards, no interest.

1.2. Received a 3 page packet of her course in philosophy. (Still anonymous) Explains What philosophy is, explains a little about Different perspectives of life.

1.3. After finding this, found a brown package. More about beginning philosophy. Life with habit, children versus adults. *15-17*

1.4. ASks her mother about what she thinks, her mothers tells her not to think such things.

2. Chapter 3

2.1. Another brown envelope waiting for her when she got home from school that day.

2.2. Origins of philosophy in Greece, story of Thor. Explains why myths were made- to make sense of unknown wonders of the world.

2.3. Quotes certain philosopher from Greece and his ideas. (Xenophanes)

2.4. She decided she would make things up like they did also.

3. Chapter 4

3.1. Mother delivers her another white envelope says Is there a basic substance that everything else is made of? Can water into wine? How can earth and water produce a live frog?

3.2. Explains these questions through different views of different Greek philosophers

3.3. 4 elements, how things change and if they change, ect.

4. Chapter 1

4.1. Gives background of Sophie, and who she is. Student, walks home from school every day, dad is gone at sea, mother isn't home till late. She has a cat, best friend's name is Johanna.

4.2. lastly she received a birthday card addressed to her from her dad, to another girl named Hilde Moller Knag. Confused; who is this girl?

4.3. Finds a note in her mailbox with her address but no stamp. Has a slip of paper with the phrase "who are you?" on it. She thought about it quite a lot, and elaborated on who she is and who she could be otherwise.

4.4. Goes to mailbox again, sees there is another note with the phrase "where does the world come from?"


5.1. "It contained only a slip of paper no bigger than the envelope. It read "Who are you?" (Page 2)

5.1.1. New node

5.2. "But when these basic needs have been satisfied, will there still be something that everybody needs?" (Page 12)

5.3. 'The only thing we require to be good philosophers is the faculty of wonder." (Page 15)

5.4. "but what is the real meaning behind [the myth]? It wasn't made up just for entertainment. The myth also tries to explain something." (Page 25)

5.5. "She decided that philosophy was not something you can learn; but perhaps you can learn to think philosophically.