Interactive Media

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Interactive Media by Mind Map: Interactive Media

1. Personal

1.1. Examples: Blogs, twitter, youtube video, social networking sites, registered users on websites

1.2. Interactive media is personal because people have the power to decide on how they choose to use the media. For instance, someone who is commenting on a blog is likely doing so because they are interested in what the writer has to say. Another example would be someone making the decision to join a website because they would like to receive updates. YouTube also allows users to search based on personal preference, allowing viewers to watch only what they are interested in seeing.


2. Creative

2.1. Examples: Advertising, websites, video games, DVDs, iPhone applications, cell phone games.

2.2. Interactive media must be creative in order for it to be noticed and accepted. People expect unique and innovative ideas and may choose not to pay attention to something ordinary. For example, there are currently hundreds of iPhone applications. In order for one to stand out, a creative approach must be taken. This applies for advertising, general websites and other forms of games as well.



3. Experiential

3.1. Example: Advertising, movies, television, music, web

3.2. Creators of interactive media do so based personal experiences as well as those of others. This allows them to connect to others because their message is more commonly understood. Advertising is the primary example of this because it must appeal to a target demographic, and is often based off experiences of the specific target.

4. Expected

4.1. All forms.

4.2. With the changing times in our society, interactive media has become expected and anticipated. It is no longer acceptable to ignore this form of media. If a company, for example, does not have a website advertising their product line, they may not be viewed as legitimate. People are now accustomed to this type of media and are being surrounded by it on a daily basis. Many may not even realize that they are a part of interactive media, but they would certainly notice if it disappeared.

5. Evolving

5.1. cell phones, digital programs, computers, web

5.2. Interactive media is always changing in order to keep up with our society. Cell phones are changing every other month with the addition of different applications, texting functions, email capabilities, etc. Digital programs (ex: Adobe) come out with new and improved versions of software on a yearly basis. Even computers are always changing, giving users better battery life, more memory, RAM, etc. Even websites must evolve in order to keep up with the trends. For instance, blog sites became much more popular among web users and therefore began popping up more frequently.