Gregor Mendel

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Gregor Mendel by Mind Map: Gregor Mendel

1. Monk

1.1. Studies

1.1.1. Beekeeping, Gardening, and Genetics research. New node

2. First Geneticist

2.1. As the first geneticist, he did research on pea plants as a monk in his monastery. This led to the first discovery of alleles.

3. Beekeeper

3.1. After he experimented with Pea Plants, he studied bees to continue his work on animals.

4. Childhood

4.1. Gregor Mendel was born in Germany on July 20th, 1822. As a child, he studied philosophy and physics.

5. Contraversy

5.1. As his finding on the frequnecies of alleles were being shown to the world, his findings were thought to be incorrect due to the exact nature of his 3 to 1 ratio of traits being shown.