Jequeta's Gallup Strenghts

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Jequeta's Gallup Strenghts by Mind Map: Jequeta's Gallup Strenghts

1. Developer

1.1. I love working with children

1.2. Im really good at motivating children

1.3. I have a love for children

1.4. I understand children

1.5. I inspire my team mates with words that boost their confondince

2. Positivity

2.1. I'm usually more enthused about life

2.2. I prefer being someones partner or teammate

2.3. I tend to feel content with myself and life

2.4. I am encouraged to reflect on my experencience

2.5. My encouraging words inspire people

3. Restorative

3.1. I love to solve problems

3.2. I can handle any problem

3.3. The sight of a child's smile touch my heart

3.4. I cry when disappointment

3.5. I'm driven by my talent

3.6. I strive to improve my personally and professionally life

4. Learner

4.1. I am a eager and willing student

4.2. Driven by my talent

4.3. I give it my all

4.4. I know the wants and needs of children

5. Relator

5.1. I welcome the questions and concerns of others

5.2. I embrace life more fully

5.3. I take life for what its worth

5.4. I am who I am