Presenting Using VC

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Presenting Using VC by Mind Map: Presenting Using VC

1. Look at the camera - presentation

2. Be aware of what you are doing, the camera could be on you - presentation

2.1. New node

3. Consider the lighting - prep

4. Jokes don't go very well over video - presentation

5. Watching other people helps you understand how others see you prep

6. Reflect on your performance - presentation

7. Look confident - presentation

7.1. It makes it more comfortable for the other person

8. Experienced presenters give more feedback to the other party to let them know how they were going - presentation

9. Strong Runsheet and roles to provide structure - prep

9.1. Discuss beforehand who is going to do what helps to make everyone relax and be successful

10. Technology

10.1. When you zoom into one area other areas might think they aren't heard but they can still be heard - tech

10.2. When you are not zoomed in it makes it harder to see who is talking - tech

10.2.1. It also seems like it's not like you're talking to someone

10.3. Mute your microphone when you're not talking - presentation/tech

10.4. Play with the camera - tech

10.5. Using presets - tech

11. Presentation

11.1. Supporting eachother, sharing ideas - presentation

11.2. Zoom in on the person who is talking - presentation

12. prep

12.1. You need to practice - prep

12.1.1. once you've done a few it becomes easier

12.1.2. It can feel strange and awkward to start

12.2. Run through the plan and organise resources beforehand - prep

12.3. Learn Bridgit - prep

12.3.1. you can use this to present powerpoints