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Courage by Mind Map: Courage

1. Good Courage

1.1. Bravery

1.2. Helping people

1.2.1. See Examples

1.3. Leads to...

1.3.1. New Boundaries Medical Not Afraid New Technology New Partnerships Sports Perfection Love of sport New node Other Areas

1.4. Trust

1.4.1. In Someone

1.4.2. In Something Can bring you happiness

2. Bad Courage

2.1. New node

2.2. Daredevil

2.2.1. Leads to death New node

2.2.2. No regard for others Self Obsessed

3. Examples

3.1. Getting over fears

3.1.1. Heights

3.1.2. A fear of an animal

3.1.3. Fear of Dark Common for children

3.2. Saying something

3.2.1. Standing up to bully

3.2.2. Asking girl out New node

3.2.3. Helping new person

4. Personal Experiences

4.1. At hospital

4.1.1. During Surgery New node New node

4.1.2. With mom and brother

4.2. Overcombing obsticales

4.2.1. Fears Dark Crowds Riding Bike

4.2.2. Friend Complications Allowed me to keep friends Stronger bonds

4.3. New node