Ned Malone

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Ned Malone by Mind Map: Ned Malone

1. Rugby player

1.1. Shows modesty

1.2. Reserve on the national team of Ireland

2. Brave

2.1. Rescued coal miners

2.2. Quick to accept a challenge

2.2.1. Quick to jump onto the chance to go to South America

2.2.2. Ready to confront Roxton's alcoholic friend

2.3. Afraid of fear

2.3.1. When he went out to explore the lake on his own

2.3.2. Pushed fear out of his head

2.3.3. Would be ashamed to admit fear

2.4. Determined to prove himself

2.4.1. To Gladys As a man worthy of her affections

2.4.2. To himself As a man Like Lord Roxton As brave

2.5. Adventurous

2.5.1. Trying new things He's never been to South America before

3. Not self-aware

3.1. Doesn't see himself as brave

3.1.1. Constantly admires Roxton's efforts and doesn't see his own as anything great

3.2. Wants to change himself for Gladys

3.3. Is very pleased when he believes he actually does something for the expedition

3.3.1. Climbing the tree and drawing a map

4. People-pleaser

4.1. To please Gladys

4.2. Afraid that he does anything wrong on the expedition

4.2.1. As a journalist, he should only care about his journalism, but he worries that he doesn't contribute enough

4.2.2. Pulling his own weight

5. Moral

5.1. Didn't press charges against Challenger

5.1.1. Saw it as his own fault

5.2. Helped the coal miners

5.3. Promised not to reveal any of Challenger's findings until he was given permission

5.3.1. As a journalist, he should be interested only in getting a good piece

5.3.2. If he published his writings, he would have gotten a lot of fame

5.3.3. Even though McArdle asked him to, he didn't "Then for Heaven's sake, man, write it up!" "I'm longing to, but all I know he gave me in confidence and on condition that I didn't." -p. 37