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1. Regulates relationships between individuals persons

2. Missions

2.1. Essential role in market economy

2.1.1. entrepreneurship property rights

2.2. privet life

2.2.1. family circumstances

3. Each person has a right to determine about own action at one's own risk

4. Freedom to determine what kind of relations have with others

4.1. in charge of implementing the created commitments with others

4.1.1. the state ultimately secures the obeying of the commitments

5. Legal subjects

5.1. Natural persons

5.1.1. all people are legal subjects they born and live their whole life with it

5.1.2. rights and obligations

5.2. Legal persons

5.2.1. communities, associations, co-operatives, limited companies etc. narrower legal capacity may sue and be sued has legal names and rights may enter contracts may own property

5.3. obligations

5.3.1. agreements

6. Law of property

6.1. property rights

6.1.1. property: must have value physical or legal

7. Law of persons

7.1. self-determination

7.1.1. 1. right for internal freedom

7.1.2. 2. right for external freedom

7.1.3. 3. right for competency

7.1.4. 4. right for power

8. Privacy

8.1. right for regional privacy

8.2. right for privacy in media