William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare by Mind Map: William Shakespeare

1. Language

1.1. More than 80 spelling variations. Two examples are “Shappere” and “Shaxberd.”

1.2. 2035 new english words; for example critical and assassination

2. Life

2.1. Born born on April 23, 1564. Died 1616 at the age of 52

2.1.1. Shakespeare is buried near the altar of Holy Trinity Church

2.2. Birthplace: Stratford- Upon-avon

2.3. Lived through the black death

2.4. Married with Anne hathaway

2.4.1. Three children; Susanna and the twins, Judith and Hamnet.

2.5. Never attended university

2.6. Shakespeare's name may have meant "Shaker of Spears," indicating warrior ancestry

3. Works

3.1. Suicide occurs thirteen times in Shakespeare’s plays.

3.2. Bard's work;

3.3. Racism

3.4. Anti-semitism

3.5. His works often turned into plays.

3.6. Poems, Sonnets.

4. Plays

4.1. Some claim that Queen Elizabeth I wrote Shakespeare's plays.

4.2. Only men played in Shakespeare's play Elizabethan times.

4.3. The motto of the Globe Theatre was that "all the world's a stage".

4.4. Hamlet, Macbeath, Othello.

4.5. Themes

4.5.1. Comedies, Histories, poetries and tragedies.

5. Rejection

5.1. Shakespeare as an actor

5.2. No dictionary

5.3. Shakespeare by sexual